Prudent individuals require sophisticated tax planning. The number of changes in the Internal Revenue Code every year are staggering, not to mention the changes that occur at the state level. We spend weeks studying the tax code every year to make sure your tax return is prepared to minimize your tax liability and maximize your return.

Valle Verde Tax & Accounting Services uses state of the art computer software to file your return electronically, complying with federal regulations and decreasing the time it takes you to receive your refund.

Many schedules on your tax return can be complicated and confusing. Let us compute your Schedule E renal property depreciation, let us determine your basis in the securities you sold last year, allow us to calculate the alternative minimum tax. Additionally we’re good at maxing out your deductions on Schedule C business returns and Schedule A itemized deductions. Let us assist you in paying as little tax as legally allowable.

How much should you pay in estimates? When should you send estimate payments in? Are you required to pay estimated payments? Do you need to pay them to both the state and the Treasury? At Valle Verde Tax & Accounting Services we compute your estimates for you so there is no guess work. We even give you the envelopes to mail your estimates in, already addressed.